Precision Calm through Meditation

Precision Calm through Meditation

IMG_20121228_163957_756Why is meditation useful in construct to existing norms westerners have for experiencing and responding to stresses? To free yourself of worry, call out to the universe for assistance with gaining a focused calm. It is provided. There are collections of souls looking after one another and if you’ll only ask, help comes to you from within. Where it aways has been, smooshed in with all the myriad other notions introduced for our musings. Call it out- help will come. From this you learn peace invokes sound decision making, devoid of the advice solicited, or not, from lay folk- who do not walk your path.

Reliance on outside opinion may cause you to follow a path not in alignment with your individual soul journey.

Curveballs are launched at us to present us with lessons. Accepting and effectively responding to the curve balls requires agility. Both physical agility, and mindful acuity, allow us to accept change, unexpected events- both positive and negative with aplomb. This precision is a direct product of the calm and openness to the power of lofty suggestion that meditation (focused, intentional relaxation) provides.

Stop the frenzy. Just breathe, listen, really listen to your breath. Relax. Relax. Relax.


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