Frequency Formula

High Frequency = High Life

We make choices every day of our lives whether to stay or to go; whether to eat well or not, whether to love, honor, cherish or abandon recklessly. 

We have the opportunity to choose our thoughts. We can choose to keep a high vibration and ride that wave or we can select a lower ebb, and bounce off a few curbs. 

We can honor our bodies with fresh wholesome food or we can go to the junk food route but remember you are what you eat.

We can fill our minds with intellectual gobbledygook or we can fill it with whatever random shorts refined on YouTube.

We can attend to our soul’s desires fulfill our destiny and drive ourselves toward what moves us. Or we can ignore those nudges and follow the path of least resistance crafted carefully by society with everyone’s desires for our outcome except that which we were here to fulfill through our soul contract. 

If we desire a life that helps us find our true path, our true identity, and our true purpose we must look deep inside. We must choose ideals, surround ourselves with people whose love emanates, and pursue with passion and fervor the nagging little ideas that wake us up in the middle of the night and niggle at us while we’re doing the mundane and sneak into our dreams when we least expect it.   If we can imagine it we can be it, do it and live it, if only we believe it.

Or we can let this precious time pass us by and pretend we don’t know there’s something bigger intended for this journey. 

High-frequency living is life at its finest. Every emotion has attached to it an energy level. Peace(600) is a high vibration but so easily we accept animosity, Anger(150), and turmoil as acceptable uses of our time and occupation of our minds. Love(500) is a high vibration, hate is not. Yet there’s plenty of it to be had. Hate met with hate is a disaster looking for a place to happen. It creates distortion, disruption, and discord. Greed( is the drunk driver of a wayward bus on a tight pass, willing to take out several for the misery of one. Sarcasm is the ugly brother of Articulation. Joy(540) is elation stemming directly from one’s heart, and when shared, its energy is amplified exponentially. Compassion(I.  ) makes room for others to be seen and appreciated.  Kindness(.  ) grows in the unlikeliest or unexpected chambers. Admiration increases the opportunity for personal growth. Acceptance (350) is inclusive. Value can be found in appreciation for one’s surroundings and all that is the gift of life. Opportunity means that every single day we wake up is another chance to grow toward our collective oneness and to create the life we imagine. Creativity is our birthright and the expectation that we each start with a blank canvas and are only limited by our inability to recognize that we have no limits except self-imposed. We come here on a mission. We’re being taught to forget who we are. We remember by dreaming and taking steps toward the dream. We only fail when we forget how incredibly powerful we are. Precious are we each, a miracle of the heavens, born of love, transcendent and iridescent, here to create a wondrous and uniquely amazing life interwoven within the intense fabric of humanity. Have the Willingness (310hz) and Courage(250hz) to rise above Anger (150hz) and Fear (100hz). When it strikes, allow Grief (50hz) to dominate your thoughts only briefly- consciously finding Acceptance (125hz).  Leave Apathy (30hz) and cousin, Shame (20hz) in a dark corner, it never serves your higher good. Let LOVE (500hz) be your guide, not Pride(175hz), on your path to Enlightenment (700-1000hz), stopping along the way to allow Joy(550) and Peace (600) to Grace your journey.

Live in the highest of frequencies, Enlightenment (700-1000hz) acknowledge and appreciate the incredible blessings bestowed upon us. Know that we each have an obligation to be the highest and best use of our limited time and bandwidth, for the good of all. Accept nothing less than your personal best. 

Remember, where you’re attention goes, affects what grows.