Glossary Terms 2020-2022

Glossary Terms That Define 2020

Propaganda, gaslighting, globalists, age of Aquarius, narcissists, significance of eclipses, bitcoin, Me, too. Coronavirus/Covid-19, hoax, racism, xenophobia, end of times, supreme court packing, MASK MANDATES, lockdowns, Vector, HEROES WORK HERE, wash hands, SOCIAL DISTANCING, no more gyms, bars, church, parties, holiday gatherings. BLACK AND BLUE LIVES MATTER. Communism, Socialism. TikTok, YouTube, FB

Vaccines, Innovio, nano particles, cells of unborn white male fetuses, PANDEMIC, flu, AI, Election Fraud, Eugenics, installation of 5G(under the radar). Here’s immunity. Mass work from home trial. Essential workers. First responders. AI

Glossary Terms That Define 2021

Capital Insurrection, Liberals, Conservatives, Dems, Republicans,  WHO, CDC, FDA, PANDEMIC, MRNA Vaccines, anti-VAXXERS, Conspiracy theorists, LIES, censorship, cancel culture, discrimination, contact tracing, AI, virtual reality, parallel universes and multiple realities, 3D>4D>5D. $230M award from J&J for creating an opioid crisis. Pfizer

Infighting, mass firings for refusal to conform to mandates, the great resignation (450k quit their jobs)- Nov. 2021 ahead of federal VAX mandate, vaccine injuries, Spike protein, ill intent, crimes against humanity, global social experiment, social media Giants dictate censorship to direct the narrative. Unconscionable actions toward others. fingerpointing, rat your neighbors for gathering with family. Previously HIPAA protected health concerns are now up for public determination. Defund police. Mass unconsciousness, Division. Segregation. Sex lies videotapes, human trafficking, election fraud, Pfizer, big pharma, school boards, ivermectin, Wuhan lab leaks, scandal, families divided, spike protein shedding, economy folding, hyper inflation, crypto booming, bare shelves, real estate markets affected by mass shifts in lifestyle changes and migration within borders aligning ideological frameworks. depression, anxiety, societal disfunction. Cutting. Violence. Compassion. WHO new definitions for pandemic, vaccine and immunity. Moratorium on evictions…expired. Civil unrest. Potential Secession. Fighting back.  Let them work! Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Roe v. Wade, AI.

Glossary Terms That Define 2022

Aquarian Energy, Truth exposed, the big reveal, leaders’ agendas questioned, revolt, Supreme Court ruling determining vax mandate violates US Citizen rights established under the constitutional amendments(5) and the bill of rights, METAVERSE, FB’s first stock slump in 18yrs, sale of social media gathered Intel. Children vaccines.Respect recovered, kindness, acceptance that we’ve been manipulated in a simulated reality, where do we go from here, AUTOIMMUNE issues exacerbated, economy crumbling, bare shelves, frequency healing and other holistic modalities, plant medicine, meditation, spirituality, new world, great reset, globalization, immigration, world tensions, Ukraine vs Russia, China’s ill intent. Austria’s strict lockdown/compulsory vaccinations for all, Australia’s COVID camps.  Boris Johnson, UK PM, under pressure from exposure- not following imposed mandates- releases all mandates to avoid forced resignation. France- Govt Mandates vs. individual freedom- protests continue. Structure. Government overreach. Grow your own food! How to heal yourself in the absence of a trustworthy medical system.   The people’s convoy. State of emergency/peaceful protest. Truths, lies and videotapes. Revolution. WWIII. Human rights.  Government redacted emails between billionaire narrative directors. Revelation. What will this new economy consist of? AI.  


With all this noise, how can we find our way to evolution? THAT is the question we all might ponder.