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This blog is posted in response to a CNET video about safety concerns relative to the rollout of 5G, downplaying the effects of wireless radiation.

While the video argues three are little to no effects thru ionizing radiation, there is no mention of the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation. The narrator’s tin foil hat and conspiracy theory implications are designed to dumb down any intrinsic harm that may follow the introduction of this technology. Comments from an engineer following the video address potential concerns and biases the video assumes. [Just a few of the comments follow:]


Ryan Toomey

2 years ago (edited)

Microwave radiation (where 5G operates) has been shown to cause eye cataracts. What they also neglected to mention was that enough radio frequency radiation can cause heating of the cells, just like cooking food in a microwave, and certain cells in the body can die if they overheat.



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1 year ago

This video did not really address the main concerns with 5G that I have seen mentioned in videos on the net that are asking for more research.  The main concern seems to be that the 60 ghz frequency that millimeter waves use will affect the oxygen molecules and the way they bind together, which is based on a report from the 1970s that did a study on millimeter waves for use in military applications.  So, the video is wrong that no studies have been done on this, as they have been.  Further, at a school in Northern California, a cell tower that was too close to a classroom had to be removed because several people, children and staff, got cancer.  I even met the sister of the little boy who died of a tumor that went to that school.  An independent agency was hired by the parents and they tested the tower and found radiation rates that were off the charts compared to the low rates claimed by the phone company.  Whoever wrote this video needs to do more research.  I’m no expert on this and only know what I do from surfing the net and the person I met, but I do know there is much more to this issue that is not mentioned in the video.

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2 years ago

I’m honestly far more worried about what impact the 5G technology is going to have on our already pretty bad surveillance society.

Axios, a ‘non-biased news source’ has 5 short (<5min) videos explaining 5G, how it works, how it will change the world we live in, who has created it, and how they stand to benefit. It’s interesting and somewhat comprehensive, but it was put together by Qualcomm, and never mentioned the 100x more radiation than 5G emits (greater than that of 4G, particularly concerning when their pizza box size transmitters are deployed en mass.  


Here are links to a few that completely refute the conspiracy theory of communications companies: 38 Long Term Effects of Radiation, Statistics, Radiation Risk: MIT Open Coursework 2016, There are several 5G studies anticipated to be released in 2022.  TedTalks addressing the effects of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation are many, here is one: one was first published in 2016.

Here’s another:  5G, Wireless Radiation and Health: A Scientific and Policy Update.

There are many scientific research articles, presentations. 


Unless you’re looking for them you may never find them and that’s what advertisers for said products are hoping will happen. People tend to label any dissent of newly introduced technology that may limit purchases, that doesn’t bode well for big industry, big pharma, etc., As a conspiracy “theory.” It’s theory until proven. Then it’s simply a conspiracy. 


Interestingly, “emf scientists from countries all around the world who’ve called for a moratorium on 5G deployment. As of October 15, 2019, 252 EMF scientists from 43 nations have signed the [Appeal](” [taken from a list of resources provided in the comments  by Pandora Ephraim,  following a TedTalk Is 5G wireless communication safe for human health? [Policy Podcast], for a pdf of the list of sources provided by Pandora Ephraim, which is too long to be included in this article, but should provide plenty of thought-provoking reading is found here:  Resources provided by Pandora Ephraim re Biological Effects of 5G


By the time we see the reports of actual damage to humanity occurring, it’s too late because the technology has been established and the producers have made their profits. 60 Minutes


Looking to mitigate the effects, here are a couple of starting points taken from the comments of the TedTalk by Jeromy Johnson  mentioned above:



February 24, 2018 at 3:52 pm now shares a Notice of Liability (NoL) process to counteroffer the power company’s tacit offer to receive a smart meter. Can be used before or after a smart meter is installed.


Also, provided by Jeromy Johnson, the presenter, a link to help families understand how to better protect themselves:

TedTalks dating back to 2011 and earlier discuss the potential harms already affecting people exposed to wifi-related radiation. Overexposure to radiation causes leukemia, and multiple forms of cancer, as well as many other issues detrimental to humans. You won’t necessarily see a tumor in leukemia. But it’ll still aim to kill you. 


Back in the 90s dental x-rays still exuded high levels of radiation. I utilized the guinea pig dental services of the dental hygiene curriculum at my local community college where I was a student. A few years later, my dentist informed me of the improvement in x-ray technology and how drastically reduced the level of radiation had become through technological advances and the recognition of how unsafe radiation is for human anatomy.  Are full dental x-rays absolutely necessary or a way to capture either more cash from uninsured patients or insurance payments for those covered? X-rays are not cheap and they’re unnecessary as often as dentists like to say. Yet, I’ve been deferred for cleanings whenever I’ve refused x-rays, due to the excessive radiation I’ve already been exposed to and its cumulative effect. I’ve only had two cavities in my life, my wisdom teeth are out, yet it’s the “policy” of the dental practice to do a full mouth set, bitewings at every cleaning or they can’t guarantee there are no cavities.  As I’ve explained several times to multiple dentists, I’m not looking for a guarantee of no cavities, I simply want my teeth cleaned.  So, I bought my set of dental instruments and clean my own teeth.  I’ve since found one dentist of integrity who charges me $65/cleaning and doesn’t require X-rays.  She’s an amazing practitioner and I’m so grateful I’ve found her.  


Preventive medicine. Truth or tagline? My father, who worked directly exposed to microwave radiation, was found many years later to have had overexposure to radiation, causing the myelodysplastic syndrome, which morphed into leukemia, killed his immune system, and then pneumonia finished him off. Now my stepdad has been fighting leukemia for nearly 3yrs.

likely, from over-exposure to radiation. Glioma, brain cancer, rectal cancer…even in children–many associated effects are potentially related to these technologies.  It takes upwards of $1M to medically treat one case of brain cancer, with no guarantees.  The effects on learning, attention deficit, sleep interruption exacerbate this issue.  When do we stand up and say, ‘We can live with 4G, let’s not push our luck.’ So in response to the CNET video mocking naysayers of 5G, I offer: GET BACK OUT THERE DENISE! YOU WERE CORRECT!


Dr. Devra Davis presents her updated research in a video, “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” — Dr Devra Davis in 2016, the following comment was made relative to a presentation she made in 2011.  

NYU Langone Health

79.2K subscribers


In Dr. Devra Lee Davis’s latest book, she argues that the most popular gadget of our age has now been shown to damage DNA, break down the brain’s defenses, and reduce sperm count while increasing memory loss, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer. As this eye-opening call to action shows, we can make safer cell phones now.

Note: When you’re checking studies, check the funder- 72% of industry studies show no effect on humans, independent studies show 68% negative effect on humans. Symptoms include: insomnia, headaches, tinnitus, fatigue, cognitive disability, stress/irritation. Many have suffered these symptoms of the development of underlying conditions. 

The fine print (making it less attractive to read the incessantly long legalese) in your cell phone handbook says not to keep the wireless device within 1″ of your body- use earbuds- but not wireless as they carry their own set of radiation, don’t carry the phone in a pocket or in bra. Don’t prolong exposure to children by giving them phones early. All things that can be somewhat avoided may help reduce exposure. There are natural shields you can use to protect yourself as well now, including shungite discs that secure to the back of the phone or can be worn as a pendant that will help reduce exposure.


Many times we’re introduced to new technology that adds convenience; we become so used to the convenience we can’t imagine living without it, only after already having incorporated the technology into our daily lives, we learn the harmful side effects that might even kill us. Had you known, would you have wholeheartedly adopted said new technology?  In order to get to market with such advances, the marketing team gets to work quickly before widespread news might create cause for concern. Extra points for early adopters! Limited time offers are made to hook the Joneses.  Society has conditioned us to believe that if we’re first, we’re best.  This is a misnomer in many such cases. I wonder…. What if new technology is introduced commercially, once it’s already been tested without mass scale harm prior to product launch? 


I find it also quite interesting that when the pandemic hit, I was driving to work at 330am (I worked for UPS), on I-85N between Greenville and Spartanburg, SC, and witnessed daily for 2 weeks, starting on the day after the lockdown occurred, bucket trucks along I-85 installing what I guessed were 5G transmitters, under cover of darkness, as if planned to start this immediately upon lockdown. Now I understand that those transmitters are installed closer to the airport than prescribed and were creating havoc for FAA/FCC controllers at GSP airport, less than a mile from I-85.  Is it a coincidence that 5G was rolled out, first in Wuhan, at the advent of the introduction of the pandemic; nor the potential for a pattern when compared to the H1N1 coinciding 4G rollout? I do not know and can’t comment on this, but pattern recognition says it might be worth investigating the timing of such events and any related causes of simultaneous introductions.


When barraged with marketing ploys daily, it’s difficult to stay engaged in consistently stressful deciphering efforts, but if we become apathetic, we’re not only putting ourselves and our future in jeopardy, we’re responsible for what comes to pass while not on watch. We as individuals are responsible for the care of our bodies. We must stay vigilant about being informed about what will affect our personal health and the impositions that come with blind consent and early adoption. With each new Smart™ technology addition to our home, Alexa/Google Home/Nest, Smart TVs, Refrigerators, Thermostats, Security systems, etc. how much-added risk are we exposing our homes/families to?


All this begs the question, 

Is 5G that much faster? 

Is it necessary? 

Does it provide more worth than harm? 

Who has sold this “need” to civilization? 

What’s in it for them? 

What’s in it for you? 

What’s the trade-off?

Is it already too late; what can we do about it? 

One guy, concerned about the effects on his family started this informative website specifically about EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency), feel free to check it out!