The benefits of having a dog

Having a dog can be hard and tiring. You need to clean up for it, give it food, and give it exercise. But there can be some good benefits to having a dog.

Having a dog can do some good things to your body. For instance, they give you higher survival rates, fewer heart attacks, less loneliness, better blood pressure, and fewer doctor visits. Your child can also have some benefits to having a dog. The dog may give your child more self-respect, more supportiveness to themselves, more mental skills, and they are healthier.

Some things also benefit your entire family. Your family gets more opportunities to go outside and exercise and socialize. Some people even bring their pets to work. That can also have some benefits too. It can reduce the stress that employers have and gives you more control at work. When you go shopping if you don’t feel comfortable with your dog staying at home without you, you could bring him with you to Petsmart, Tractor Supply CO, The Apple store, Bass Pro Shops, Orvis Dog, Bed, Bath and Beyond, L.L.Bean, and Michael’s. You can do lots of good things with your dog and it can give you lots of good things too. That’s why I think you should get a dog.

Written by: Surya