The following are my notes, and include direct quotes combined with my paraphrasing of the content of the video, “The 12 Universal Laws: the Law of Attraction is Just One” by the Universe Inside You  

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When you attach emotions to thoughts, you give much more energy to the attraction process.

One:  The Law of Divine Oneness

Namaste:  The divine in me recognizes the divine in you.  Everything we believe, say and do affects not only each of us individually but the collective as well.

Two:  The Law of Vibration

Match the frequency of what you want to attract and it’s done.  Everything has a unique frequency.  Thoughts and feelings have a very high power of attraction.  To be aligned with the frequency of what it is you desire, brings what you want with it.  Like frequencies attract each other.  Powerless has a low and dense frequency.  Powerful has a very high frequency.  If your goal is to attract wealth, then you need to feel as if you already have it and know that it will come.  You don’t need to know the “How” just believe it’s coming.  Align yourself with the frequency of your desire.  Behave as if you have already achieved it.  You will attract circumstances, people and ideas that are in alignment with your desire.

Three:  The Law of Action

You must facilitate the other laws with inspirational action.  When we receive guidance from within your peaceful self, realize whether you feel good about the ideas that come to you, if the action you need to take feels burdensome, or off, then wait for the opportunity to come that feels right.  Train yourself to look at the glass as half-full and send requests to the Universe for assistance, then Listen to your heartfelt nudges.  Take consistent action toward your objectives, and stay tuned for internal guidance.  Your intuition harnesses the power to help create opportunity for anything you desire to create in your life. It also can bring you down if you allow your initially lower vibration to talk you out of your ability to achieve anything. If you have an idea and feel enthusiastic about it, it’s likely generated by your connection to source and thus, deserves attention. You may wish to take small steps rather than huge leaps all at once, so as not to put yourself into a situation that may generate fear.  Have faith and patience to achieve your success.  Change your focus, change your life. Where attention goes, energy flows. Turn your attention away from anything that detracts from what you desire to manifest.  Know that the Universe supports you, take action toward your intentions. 

Four:  The Law of Correspondence 

As above; So below.  Your inner reality creates your outer world.  What you believe and think on the inside, creates your reality on the outside.  Career, Finances, Relationships are all what you create.  Guided by your thoughts the vibrations follow.  Most people don’t think that they have any control over their circumstances, but what you believe you’re worthy of having in your life is exactly what will manifest.  Change your perception and focus to see what you wish to be in the world.  When you say, “that can’t happen for me”, you are negating the energy that would make it happen for you. Focus on what you want in your life, turn your attention away from what you do not want!!!!  You choose whether you put your attention on the negative or the positive in your life.  The results will serve as evidence to you and you can build on this even more.  Fearful thoughts become our biggest barriers. Turn them around to what is working for your intention!

Five:  The Law of Cause and Effect

With every thought, feeling and action, you shape your reality.  You attract exactly what you believe.  What you think and feel and send out into the Universe is what you get back.  No more blaming external events.  Shift focus to what we do want in our lives.  Create the future you desire, by focusing on the feelings of having achieved your desire.  Send it out to the world so others can also see the possibilities.  A smile, a hug, a flower, kind advice and most importantly Love and Kindness.  What you put out, comes back.

Six:  The Law of Compensation

This law is the reaction of the Universe when we apply the Law of Cause and Effect. It brings us back what we are sending out through our vibrational frequencies.  We receive blessings akin to what we are sending out!  Success means not only money or monetary rewards, but abundance in all forms coming toward us as a response to our deeds (good or bad).  Gratitude for our negative feelings because they are the tool by which we realize where we need to make adjustments to the frequencies we are sending out.  We are free to send out what we want in order to receive more of it!

Seven:  The Law of Attraction

All matter, our feelings, words, energies attract similar energies.  When we put out feelings like ‘this person is mean,’ we will attract meanness.  Even if it’s true, we don’t need to focus on the negative vibration we feel.  We can accomplish creating a new perception.  When we feel, talk and act in a positive way, we can expect that we will attract more positive into our realm. Gratitude and looking into the direction of the future we desire and feeling as if we’ve already achieved it makes it manifest.

Eight:  The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

All of us have within ourselves, the ability to change our life conditions at any given moment. Energy is in constant motion and all energy eventually manifests.  You have the power to change your life. Higher Vibrational Energies Consume Lower Energies. So if you don’t like the path you’re on, allow it to change. Rather than trying to force your will upon people or circumstances, rearrange the way you think and choose to empower yourself.  Learn to go with the flow of the Universe.  When we resist change or try to exert a false sense of control over others, it results in struggle.  We must learn to embrace change, work with energies and allow circumstances to manifest according to divine providence.  The ego’s need for a false sense of control can block the flow of positive energy.  What you focus on, you bring into your life.  Until you become the master of your own focus, you will continue to encounter situations you do not actually desire.  If you have a thought, I am successful, but then you have another negative thought,, the two cancel each other out.  Well being is the nature of the Universe and Positive thoughts are more powerful than the negative.  Disregard the collective hypnosis humanity is under.  

Nine:  The Law of Relativity

This is the law that states that all will encounter challenges, problems, ‘misfortunes’ which represent to us our awareness of higher consciousness and our ability to overcome challenges, becoming aware of our power through connection to our higher source.  Usually our biggest fears stunt our ability to transcend them.  Use the challenges as stepping stones as we reach toward our own desires and remember the bright light we carry within.  

All is relative to the perception that we have regarding our current situation.  Fear can immobilize us, being at peace with everything that happens to us will attract the power to overcome any obstacle.  Be grateful for all the things we truly appreciate in our lives.  Think about how we would feel once we’ve realized the desire. 

Stop noisy chatter about your inabilities; shift your focus from fear to one of expectation of what you desire.  Obstacles are opportunities to recognize what we don’t want in our lives.  Trust your heart and your intuition in making decisions.  Take actions in the directions you want to head.  Trust in the divine presence inside you that can guide you and shift opportunities in your favor.  Only take action from what feels good.  Never take action in fear.  Be grateful for all the things in your life that bring you joy and imagine how you would feel if you already have everything you desire.  That emotional vibration begins to attract what you desire.  Power and infinitely creative opportunities await you in positive thoughts, feelings and actions.

Ten:  The Law of Polarity  (aka the law of opposites or the law of mental vibrations)

Every single thing in the Universe has its own opposite.  We can transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  The same moment has infinite ways of unfolding, but you can effect the positive outcome you desire.  Think of all the events that you initially perceived as negative but that in time you discovered were actually exactly the shift that led to something positive.  We are resistant to let go of what isn’t going right, we focus on our negative emotions even though we say we are desirous of positive emotions.  Once you accept the negative events- if it showed up, it means you attracted it.  Be grateful for what it’s showing you then make the adjustments and move toward the positive with intention.

Eleven:  The Law of Rhythm

All energy vibrates and moves according to its own rhythm.  These rhythms establish cycles. The seasons of the year each influence the harmonic vibrations of the earth and move with flow one into the next.  All nature accepts cyclical changes. We are the only ones who fear change.  There is a time for transformation and a time for growth.  Meditation is a path to create a sense of connection to the Universal Source.  It helps to navigate the cycles with grounding and connection. You will be amazed at the potential hidden in these cycles of change.  Trust what life brings to you and accept it, it’s here to test you and help you to learn to see opportunities.  These periods hold the diamonds of information that represent how to move forward.  When something happens in our external circumstances, we have a choice to stay in the gloom of a situation, or to get the message and elect to move through it. 

Twelve:  The Law of Gender

Everything has both a masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) energy to it. The union of these two energies give birth to everything.  It refers to the gestation periods for most growth we experience.  How many times have you nearly reached a goal then hit a roadblock and gave up, just before you might have achieved your intended results.  In order to achieve self mastery and become a co-creator of our destiny.  Our thoughts need a period of gestation and growth before we realize the results.  Our desires need our determination, patience and trust to become manifest.  The Universe seeks balance in everything. If you feel good and believe it, your thoughts can be manifest in days or weeks.   

Recognizing we are all connected to Universal Source Energy and thereby our potential is only limited by our personal beliefs. 

I am.

I am is the connection we have to Universal Source Energy.  Making a list of the things we each are, recognizes that we are each an integral part of creation.  Each individual is complete with a mission, a set of values and intentions, special interests and talents, curiosities and causes.  For fun and manifestation, create your own list of I am statements.  See what opens up for you by declaring your I ams.  Here are a few of mine:

I am an artist. I am a mother. I am a great friend. I am a dog-lover. I am courageous. I am a furniture designer/maker. I am in love with humanity and the evolution thereof.  I am a nature lover. I am important in my sphere. I am a developer. I am a good communicator.  I am grateful for all that is a part of my existence- even the difficult parts which teach me more about who I am and how resourceful I am. I am a farmer! …………….